enfants de migrants ruraux dans le sud de la ChineAs part of the seminar Mobilities, Circulations and Urbanities in Globalized Cities 2021-2022, Camille Salgues (Post-doc, Department of Geographical Sciences, South China Normal University) will present her work on December 3 on the theme: “Age, number, mobility: qualitative demography of the urban experience of children of rural migrants in southern China“.

Condorcet Campus, Salle polyvalente 50, Centre de colloques, Cours des humanités 93300 Aubervilliers – Friday 12:30-14:30

The migration to the cities that has profoundly changed China over the past thirty years has also changed the landscape of childhood. Our work aims to integrate the demographic dimensions affected by these upheavals – the age of individuals, their number and distribution, the mobility of children and their access to the urban world – into the qualitative analysis of the childhood experience. The aim is to overcome a division, very present in childhood studies, between micro and macro levels. To this end, an important part will be given to theoretical and methodological reflection to accompany the restitution of the ethnographic material. The presentation will be based on a three-year survey conducted in Shanghai in the late 2000s, and the book (in press) to which it gave rise; as well as on recent research by participant observation around Meizhou (Guangdong province).

The seminar Mobilities, circulations and urbanities in globalized cities is organized by Camille Schmoll, director of studies at EHESS and member of Géographie-cités, Hélène Thiollet and Aurélie Varrel, research fellows at CNRS, with the collaboration of Delphine Pages El Karoui (CERMOM/INaLCO) and Catherine Lejeune (LARCA/University of Paris).

This seminar, at the crossroads of urban studies, migration studies and mobility studies, participates in the reworking of the category of world cities based on international mobility and the category of urbanity. In contrast to approaches that radically oppose cities of the North and the South, the aim is to seek out comparative reading grids of the urban phenomenon, at the intersection of the different forms and scales of mobility, while addressing local and regional singularities. We will question the orders of presence and legitimacy in these cities, which are crossed by both mobility and migration, but also by sometimes strong sedentary logics and injunctions. This monthly seminar will alternate presentations of recent empirical work in the field of urban studies and migration studies, with sessions of epistemological reflection based on readings, in a resolutely multidisciplinary and trans-area approach. The seminar alternates between general reflection sessions and comparative case studies on specific themes.

2021-2022 program of the seminar Mobilities, Circulations and Urbanities in Globalized Cities (in French)