Dubaï, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Février 2015. Delphine Pages El Karoui.

Dates: 2019 – 2021

Intralaboratory Program Leader: Camille Schmoll

Laboratory members involved in the program: Anaelle Piva, Lucas Teiller

Team involved: PARIS

Partner Organisations: Université de Paris (UMR Cessma, UMR Géographie-cités, UMR Urmis), National University of Singapore (NUS)

Extralaboratory Program leader: Delphine Pages El Karoui (CERMOM, INALCO) ; Marie Gibert (CESSMA, Université de Paris)

Funding: Université de Paris

Transversal subjects concerned: Mobilities and territories: towards a relational approach to space; Urban fabrics: processes, actors, practices

Description: Cities in Europe and Asia have become the focal points of changing migration patterns. This context has challenged pre-existing models of management of urban diversity. In parallel, the rise of nationalist rhetoric feed the implementation of a number of exclusionary measures. This comparative projects contemplates the city as a key site to on emerging models of diversity governance.