On behalf of all UMR members, a warm welcome to Charlotte BECQUART-ROUSSET, Elisa FOUJOULS and Lena MEUNIER who have joined Géographie-cités. 

Charlotte BECQUART-ROUSSET, Thinking space with or without map : historians and cartographic creation, the case of global and connected history (Provisional title), direction: Clarisse DIDELON-LOISEAU & Nicolas VERDIER



Élisa FOUJOLS, Integration marginal urban spaces into thé analysis and governance of zoonotic risk in Thailand and India, direction : Eric DENIS, Serge MORAND



Lena MEUNIER, Structuring alternative urban agri-food sectors during crisis : perspectives for the socio-ecological transition and the territorialisation of the parisian agri-food system, direction/ Sabine BARLES