Freedom, Pleasure and Prohibition

couvertureShaken by the liberation of speech following the #MeToo phenomenon or by the question of gender that shakes up our relationship to the body, society is facing new issues around sexual questions:
– Laws and justice: prostitution, rape or sex tourism.
– Love life: monogamy, polygamy, marriage and infidelity.
– Discriminations: harassment, contraception and right to abortion more and more threatened.
– New practices: marriage for all, applications and dating sites.
Where are we with taboos and freedoms? What is happening to traditional models? With more than 100 maps, this atlas draws up a panorama of sexualities, creating an unprecedented French, European and global geography.

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Order Nadine Cattan, Stéphane Leroy. Atlas mondial des sexualités : libertés, plaisirs et interdits. Ed. Autrement, 2022, 96 p.
Cartographers: Justine Bergeron, Lucille Dugast

Nadine Cattan is a research director at the CNRS and a member of the Geographie-Cités laboratory. The objective of her research is to analyze how mobility and exchange modify societies’ relationships to space and lead to a rethinking of spatial theories and concepts. In particular, she mobilizes a gendered approach to mobility and urban public spaces to question the dominant theories of mobility and urban models. This research leads to a reading of spatial objects outside of dual categories such as local/global, here/elsewhere, public/private.