CRIA Team projects focus on transformations in urban production, management, and materiality within a context of changing urban planning and development actors, political and economic transformations and environmental changes. They are conducted in a variety of cultural areas: Europe, North America, and Northeast Asia.


Called the “Centre de géohistoire” in a previous life (1969-1987), the Epistemology and History of Geography (EHGO) team is the only such specialized department in France. In association with numerous specialists from abroad and from other disciplines, it takes a long-term view of the history of objects of knowledge and examines the effects of political, social, and institutional mediators and stakes.


The PARIS team analyses territorial dynamics by considering that spatial and social interactions play dynamic roles at varied time and space scales. New data collected from fields of study on different continents and on the practices and representations of actors, are now being mobilized. Research is based on a diversified set of methods.