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Overcoming knowledge network failures

7 February 2023|

This article investigates the determinants of the formation of interregional scientific alliances through the in-depth case study of a federation of research laboratories in green chemistry in western France.

Migration as adaptation

31 January 2023|

Clara JULLIEN explores rural-urban migration in a context of environmental change, particularly from the Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Minh City.

Sous le Pavé, la plage

31 January 2023|

Screening/Debate on March 22 at 5pm at the Humathèque on the Condorcet campus.

Ontologies and spatial dynamics

31 January 2023|

Complementarity of symbolic and numerical approaches. Contributions of Géographie-cités to the special issue of the International Journal of Geomatics.

The material city

12 January 2023|

On February 3, at the Condorcet campus, a day to discuss the material approach to urban production. city materials soil

Public space and the metropolis

12 December 2022|

The changing governance of public spaces around the Grand Paris Express's new metro stations, by Antoine Fleury.

Thesis defense

29 November 2022|

Joséphine LECUYER will defend her thesis on Monday December 12 at the Condorcet campus.

Thesis Defence

29 November 2022|

Romain Leconte will defend his thesis in geography on December 13 at the Université Paris Cité.

Gentrification by project

25 November 2022|

Public policies and the revalorization of pericentral neighbourhoods, the case of the MIL Campus in Montreal

World Atlas of Sexuality

28 October 2022|

With more than 100 maps, this atlas provides a panorama of sexualities, drawing a new French, European and global geography. 

PhD defence

20 October 2022|

Cinzia LOSAVIO will defend her thesis in geography and planning on November 9 at the Condorcet campus.

Thesis defense

14 October 2022|

Anne-Cécile Ott will defend her thesis "Coming into the world: sociogenesis of children's ways of representing world space" on October 21 at the Condorcet Campus.

Web workshops

14 October 2022|

Four workshops will be organized in the fourth quarter of 2022 to learn how to use the administration interface of the Geographie-Cités website.

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