Science Vs Lobbying: Total, Elf and Climate Change

20 October 2021|

An article by François Durand-Dastès, a member of Géographie-cités, at the center of a study showing that TotalEnergies, although aware of the risks induced by climate change as early as 1971, cast doubt on the scientific data that threatened its activities.

London-Paris survey

6 October 2021|

The Université de Paris has partnered with King’s College and Ipsos on research into the UK and French capitals.

Interview with Camille Schmoll

1 October 2021|

In this interview for the #AllezSavoir2021 festival, geographer Camille Schmoll looks back on her career and her research themes: migration in the Mediterranean and gender in migration.

The First Results of the GlocalMap Survey

17 May 2021|

Carried out by GIS-CIST in partnership with UMR Géographie-cités and UMR IDEES, the GlocalMap survey aims to provide a first snapshot of the status of the French populations’ perceptions of relevant territorial levels.

Carlo Salone, guest professor

9 February 2021|

Carlo Salone, Professor of Political and Economic Geography at DIST (Politecnico di Torino and University of Torino) is invited by Marie-Vic Ozouf-Marignier.

La Butte Pinson

26 September 2019|

The Butte Pinson, from an overgrown quarry to a regional green space. Field trip on 4 October 2019 to the Butte Pinson (Organized by: Cécile Mattoug)

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