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Seeing the world as a landscape

20 May 2022|

On the occasion of this conference, Jean-Marc Besse, hosted by UNSAM (Argentina) will present his book Habitar on 17 May.

Modulating the climate

19 May 2022|

Thesis defence: Clément Gaillard will defend his thesis on 24 May at the Centre Panthéon Sorbonne.

Form of knowledge, form of power

13 May 2022|

Geographical atlases in the modern and contemporary period, studied in their political and cognitive functions. To be published in September 2022.

Living in Transition

12 May 2022|

How do real estate actors and markets deal with climate change? Workshop, 18 May in Montpellier.

The Crimean bridge(s) before 2014

2 May 2022|

Two researchers, one French, the other Ukrainian, analyze the genesis of the Crimean Bridge and its strong link with the war.

Housing Production

2 May 2022|

Conference by Thibault Le Corre at the French Institute for Research on Japan on Tuesday May 10.

IGU Urban Commission Workshop

22 April 2022|

(Re)Thinking Cities and the Urban: From Global to Local: IGU Urban Commission Annual Conference, 23-27 July.

A gayer city?

7 April 2022|

« Zero feet away », slogan de Grindr et [...]

Public spaces and mobilities

5 April 2022|

A book that gives full meaning to the experience of passage as an unexpected matrix of the space in societies, through which commons are established and broken.

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