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Research theme

  • Financialization of real estate (France, Japan, China, Hong Kong)
  • Urban land policies (France, Japan, China, Hong Kong)
  • Territorial impact of ageing (Japan, China)
  • Risk factors and sociospatial patterns of infectious diseases in the built environment (Singapore)

Transversal subjects
Making the City: Processes, Actors, Practices

Géographie-cités • Campus Condorcet
5 cours des Humanités
93322 Aubervilliers cedex (France)


My research focuses on the political economy of real estate, particularly in North-East Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, China). I have explored the relationships between land/real estate cycles, government policies and the socio-material forms of the built environment (including funeral artefacts) in several urban regions. My recent research addresses the financialisation of real estate and land value capture mechanisms applied to railway infrastructure. I am also Lead PI of the French-Singaporean SPACE project which analyses the risk factors and sociospatial patterns of infectious diseases (dengue and COVID 19) in Singapore’s urban environment. This project is funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation under the Create Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (managed by CNRS@CREATE).


2005 Habilitation to supervise research, college 24 (Urban Geography), University Lyon 2.

1993 PhD in Urban Sciences, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.

1986 Master in Physical Geography (hydrology/climatology), University Paris IV-Sorbonne.

1984 Bachelor in Physical Geography, University Strasbourg.

1982 Bachelor in History, University Strasbourg.

East-Asian languages

1992 Bachelor in Japanese language and civilization, Institut National des Langues Orientales, Paris.

2012 National certificate HSK level 4 in Mandarin Chinese (intermediate). Current level close to HSK 5 (advanced).

Professional positions

Current position Permanent research director at CNRS (equivalent professor), affiliated at the Geographie-Cités research unit

2011-2012 Assigned by CNRS to the Center for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) in Hong Kong, visiting scholar at the Department of Real Estate and Construction of Hong Kong University.

2010-2011 Assigned by CNRS at the Institute for Research in Contemporary Japan, Tokyo. Visiting scholar at Tokyo University.

2006-2010 Director of the CNRS North Asia regional office (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan), based in Tokyo.

2002-2006 CNRS researcher at the Institute for East Asian Studies, ENS, university Lyon 2

2000-2002 Detached at the French ministry of Foreign affairs, affiliated with the Institute for Research in Contemporary Japan, Tokyo. Visiting scholar at Waseda University

1999-2000 12 months stay in Kyoto with a scholarship from the Europe Canon Foundation. Visiting scholar at Department of Economy, university of Kyoto

1993-1999 CNRS researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Studies, university Toulouse 2

1986-1990,Marketing consultant in the Housing for Sale Department, Federation of Social Housing Companies (UNFO-HLM), Paris. Consulting on housing markets and financial/commercial feasibility of housing development projects allover France).

Scientific activities

Project management as Lead PI

2022-2025 – Project Lead of the  French-Singaporean SPACE project  “Shaping Public Adaptive Capacity For Environmental Infectious Diseases. This project is part of the  INTRA-CREATE call “Science of Sustainable Cities”. Funded by the  National Research Agency in Singapore, it is managed by the international CNRS subsidiary CNRS@CREATE. Webpage

2015-2018: Project Lead of the European MEDIUM project. Entitled “New pathways for sustainable urban development in China’s medium-sized cities“, this project was funded by the European Commission and involved the following partners: Sun Yat Sen university, Hangzhou Normal University, Datong university, Science Po Aix, Lausanne university, university Ca’ Foscari Venezia. Webpage

2013-2016 : Project Lead of the ANR FINURBASIE project, « Expansion of market finance and urban production in Asia, China and India compared», in partnership with LATTS. Webpage

2006-2010: Project Lead of the ANR FunerAsie project ” The Growth of the Funeral Industry in North-East Asia: Economic, Spatial and Religious Challenges”. This project involved a team of Japanese-speaking French and Korean scholars, as well as Chinese-and Korean-speaking Japanese scholars Webpage

Lead Pi of French teams or work packages

2019-2023: Lead PI of the French team of the Sino-European “Financing Clean Air” project. WP3  “Alternative land value capture mechanisms to support air quality enhancing sustainable transport”. Project led by the University of Liverpool, in partnership with the universities of Paris Effeil, Tongji university, Xian Jiaotong university, Radbud university (ANR funding for France). Webpage

2015-2018: Lead PI of the WP5 of the ODESSA project “Optimizing care Delivery modelS to Support Ageing-in-place: towards autonomy, affordability and financial sustainability”  under Euro-China UPC program. This project was led by the university Sheffield and involved partnerships with university Dauphine and university Tsinghua (ANR funding ). Webpage

2011: Lead PI of the Japan team of the project “The challenges of urban growth and decline for regional planning, perspectives from Japan and Canada” founded by the French Agency for Regional Planning (now CGET).

2010-2011: Lead PI of the French team of the France-Taiwan bilateral project “Globalization and Urban Dynamics in Asia: Taiwanese and French Perspectives”, jointly founded by CNRS and NSC. Webpage

Co-investigator in research projects

2019-2023: Co-investigator of the ANR project VinoRosa project “The Cities of the new Silk Road in South-East Asia”, lead by Adèle Esposito. Webpage


Articles in peer-review journals (since 2000)

AVELINE-DUBACH N. 2022, Financializing nursing homes? The uneven development of Health care REITs in France, the United Kingdom and Japan, Environment and Planning A. DOI: 10.1177/0308518X211072865. Online access

WANG P, AVELINE-DUBACH N, 2021, Les métropoles chinoises face à la pénurie d’aides-soignantes dans les maisons de retraite. Les cas comparés de Hangzhou et Zhengzhou [Chinese metropolises face shortage of caregivers in nursing homes. The comparative cases of Hangzhou and Zhengzhou], Gérontologie et Société, 43, 165, 227-244. DOI : 10.3917/gs1.165.0227 Online access

LEGOIX R, CASANOVA EINAUD L, BONNEVAL L, LE CORRE T, BENITEZ-GAMBIRAZIO E. BOULAY G, KUTZ W. AVELINE N, MIGOZZI J, YSEBAERT R, 2020, Housing (In)equity and the Spatial Dynamics of Homeownership in France: A Research Agenda, Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, DOI: 10.1111/tesg.12460  Online access

AVELINE-DUBACH N, 2020, The Financialization of Rental Housing in Tokyo. Land Use Policy, DOI:  10.1016/j.landusepol.2020.104463. Online access

AVELINE-DUBACH N, BLANDEAU G, 2019, The Political Economy of Transit Value Capture: The Changing Business Model of the MTRC in Hong Kong, Urban Studies, 56 (16), 3415-343. DOI: 10.1177/0042098018821519. Online access

N’DIAYE O, AVELINE-DUBACH N, LEGOIX R; 2018, The adoption of smart grid technology by Japanese developers: A real
estate perspective on the smart city. L’Espace géographique, 47, 4,  289-304. DOI : 10.3917/eg.474.0289. Online access

AVELINE-DUBACH N, 2017, La centralité du foncier dans le régime d’accumulation du capital en Chine [The centrality of land in the regime of capital accumulation in China], Revue de la Régulation, 21, 25 p. DOI : 10.4000/regulation.12262. Online access

AVELINE-DUBACH N, 2016, Embedment of ‘Liquid’ Capital into the Built Environment: The Case of REIT Investment in Hong Kong, Issues & Studies, Vol. 52, n° 4, 32 p. DOI: 10. 1142/S1013251116400014. Online access

AVELINE-DUBACH N, 2016, Land and Real Estate in Northeast Asia, New Approaches in an Era of Financialization, Issues & Studies, Vol. 52, n° 4, 11 p. DOI: 10.1142/S101325111602001.  Online access

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AVELINE N, 2003, L’expérience particulière du Japon en matière de renouvellement urbain [Japan’s particular experience in urban renewal], Droit et Ville, Presses de l’université de Toulouse, 55, 59-69. Online access

AVELINE N, 2001, フランスにおける現状と課題, Furansu ni okeru tochimondai no genjô to kadai [Contemporary land issues in France] Review of Comparative Law, Waseda University Press, 67, 131-145. Online access

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Edited volumes

AVELINE-DUBACH N (ed), 2018, Pathways of sustainable development across China — the cases of Hangzhou,  Datong and Zhuhai. E-book, Venise, Imago editor, 148 p. Online access

AVELINE-DUBACH N (ed), 2015, Vieillissement et déprise urbaine au Japon, les nouveaux défis de l’aménagement, Paris, La Documentation Française, collection GCET, 106 p.

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AVELINE N, LI H-L (eds), 2004, Property Markets and Land Policies in Northeast Asia The Case of Five Cities : Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong, Hongkong-Tokyo, Maison Franco-Japonaise / Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, 308 p. Online access

Book chapters (since 2007)

AVELINE-DUBACH N, 2020,  “The Financialization of Real Estate in Megacities and its Variegated Trajectories in East Asia”, In A. SORENSEN and D. LABBE (dir.), Handbook of Megacities and Megacity Regions, Edward Elgar, 394-409, ISBN: 978 1 78897 269 7. Online access

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Translations (from Japanese to French)

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AVELINE-DUBACH N, AVRIST, IMAGO, 2019, L’innovation en Chine, décryptage des enjeux urbains, socio-économiques et technologiques [Innovation in China, urban, socioeconomic and technologic issues],  MEDIUM conference June 2018. Accès en ligne .

AVELINE N, JIMENEZ J, 2000, Mourir à Tôkyô,  film documentaire de 52 minutes en Betacam produit le Centre Multimedia de l’université Toulouse 2. Accès en ligne.


Ph.D. in progress

Cinzia Losavio ” Public Policies and Urban Space: What Place for Chinese Migrant Workers in the Development of the Middle City? “, co-financed by Labex Dynamite and European project MEDIUM [since 2016] Online access

Pengli Wang, “Production Systems of Senior Housing in China, Contrasting Experiences of Zhengzhou and Hangzhou” [since 2016]. Online access

Mengcheng Li, “National parks as a  growth tool for small Chinese cities? The case of Xianju in Zhejiang Province” [since 2016]

Congcong Li,  “Institutional aspects of land value capture in transport financing, the case of the Guangdong Province” [since 2017] Online access

Fanny Cottet (in cosupervision with Juliette Maulat), “Market logic and alternative real estate projects in, CIFRE funding [since 2018], Online access

Clara Julien (in cosupervision with Gwenn Pulliat), “Urban integration of environmental displaced persons in the case of Vietnam” [since 2018] Online access

Dilek Karabulut (in cosupervision with Ozan Karaman) “The financialization of urban production in Turquey”, program PAUSE funding [since 2021] Online access

Defended Ph.D.

Chunya Liu “Political Regimes, Economic Development and Urban Growth in Taiwan” (NSC Taiwan funding), defended on October 2 2020 at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Link to the thesis

Vincent Le Rouzic, ” The affordable city : recomposition of public action around innovative social home ownership schemes ” (CIFRE funding), thesis defended on 15 October 2019 at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Sylvain Rémy (in cosupervision with Céline Vacchiani), “Urban industrial diversity economies for innovative entrepreneurship, the case of the United States”, thesis defended on November 30, 2018 at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.Link to the thesis

Sophie Buhnik (cosupervised with Sylvie Fol), “Déclin urbain et mobilité dans l’aire métropolitaine d’Osaka” (funded by JSPS), thesis defended on 15 December 2015 at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Link to the thesis


01-04/2022: invited professor at University of Montreal , as part of the Japanese studies curriculum, Montreal. Undergraduate level. Teaching on “The urban question in Japan from historical and contemporary perspectives” (winter semester)

2015-2021: Course on Real estate economics and housing at the Master “Cycle d’urbanisme”, Institute of Political Studies, Paris.

2019-2021: Lecture on Land Policies at the Master of Urbanism of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

2010-2016: Lecture on the governance of Northeast Asian cities in the Master “Governing the Large Metropolis”, Institute of Political Studies, Paris.

2010-2011: Lecture on urban dynamics in Asian cities, Keio University, Tokyo. Undergraduate level.

2002-2006: Lecture on Asian economy and geography at the Master “Asian businesses”, Institute of Political Studies, Lyon.

2004-2006: Lecture on the theory of land economics in the Master’s degree “Métiers de la ville”, Lebanese University, Beirut .

2003-2004: Lecture in land economics theory in the DESS of urban planning at Alba University, Beirut.

1995-2000: Lecture in the Master “Aménagement du territoire option habitat”, University Toulouse le Mirail.

1994-1998:  Translation of Japanese economic texts into French, DESS “LEA option japonais” , University of Toulouse le Mirail.

1992-1993: Geography course, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.



I have given 170 talks in seminars and conferences, including 98 abroad, and 40 as invited or keynote speaker. I have also (co)organized about 40 scientific events.

Major presentations in the past 5 years

03/10/2021 « Les villes métropolitaines à l’heure des villes mondiales », invited panelist, round table organized by the International Festival of Geography, Saint Dié-les-Vosges, France.

06/08/2019. “The financialisation of real estate in East Asian cities, Contrasting patterns across Japan, Hong Kong and Mainland China”, invited as keynote speaker, workshop of  the Urban Commission of the International Geographic Union, Luxembourg.

17/11/2018. “The residential vacancy in Japan and China” invited as keynote speaker , University Dokkyo, conference « Legal issues facing Japan on vacant housing and abandoned land in an ageing and depopulating society, Chiba, Japan.

18/05/2018 “The centrality of land in economic growth and urban development— China and Japan compared”, invited speaker at Beijing University, The Lincoln Land Institute, Beijing.

02/05/2018, “The securitization of housing in Tokyo, REITs residential markets”, invited speaker at the workshop of University College London, Bartlett School of Geography and Planning (London) .

17/04/2018: “The changing model of transit value capture under urban shrinkage in Japan”,  invited speaker at University Sun Yat Sen, School of Geography and Planning (Guangzhou)

13/11/2017, invited speaker, «Value extraction by financial investor and deterioration of seniors’s living conditions—the securitization of welfare facilities in Hong Kong’s public housing estates»,conference on  “Shared perspectives upon emergent forms of urban densification in Asia: issues of access to resources”. Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam.

14/09/2017, « How to deal with land value inflation ? Comparing public policies in Europe and East Asia ?», workshop organized by the MEDIUM project, Datong, China.

08/08/2017 « Releasing the wealth locked in the homes to secure ageing-in- place, issues of spatial justice in the French viager system”, IGU Urban Geography Commission annual meeting “, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

17/06/2017 : “The challenges of the French reverse mortgage system (viager)”,  Conference on Urban China and the challenges of sustainability, MEDIUM project, University Sun Yat Sen, Guangzhou, China.

Major events organized in the past 5 years

12-15/09/2017: co-organization with Shanxi Datong University of a MEDIUM workshop in Datong (China) “Datong Scientific Seminar on Medium-sized Cities”.

13/05/2018: co-organization, with AVRIST, of an international conference on “Innovation in China: urban, socio-economic and technological issues” Hôtel de l’Industrie, Paris.

23/07-26/07/2021 : coordination of the workshop of the Urban Commission of the International Geographic Union in Paris (Université Paris Cité)

Editorial activities

Editorial management

  • Deputy editor of the journal Cybergeo: European Journal of Geography. Supervision of all abstracts in three languages (French, English and Chinese). Link to the journal 
  • In charge of the topic “Socio-economic geography of urban production” in the Encyclopedy of Sciences under publication by ISTE(French) and WILEY (English). The 4 edited volumes are part of the  “Géography and Demography” domain managed by Denise Pumain . LInk to the encyclopedy

Paper reviews 

  • International journals: Urban Studies, Internatinonal Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Cities, Geoforum, Land Use Policy, Regional Studies, Mortality
  • National journal: Cybergeo, Revue de la Régulation, Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine, Flux, l’Espace Géographique, Ecogéo, China Perspectives, Ebisu


Expertise (selection)

Evaluation of research projects

Evaluation of 12 FP7 and H2020 proposals (European Commission) , 5 ANR proposals and 2 proposals for the Swiss National Found.

Evaluation of CNRS research units for HCERES

USR 3337 CEMCA/IFEA (Mexico, June 2003 by skype) and Groupe de Recherche sur la Méditerranée et le Moyen-Orient (USR 3439) Lyon, January 2015.

Participation in PhD and HDR defense juries

16 juries, 6 as president, 8 as pre-rapporteur et 2 as examinator. This includes 4 juries abroad (Hong Kong University, University Lausanne, University College London.

2 HDR jurys, 1 as examinator and 1 as pre-rapporteur.

Participation in selection juries for (associate) professor positions

3 committees in section 24  (urban planning), university Toulouse 2, university Gustave Eiffel and University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

3 commitees in section 15  (Japanese language and civilization), university Toulouse 2 and University Paris.

Reports for committes : for associate professor position at University Lausanne; for professor position at Hong Kong university

Administrative responsibilities

2022: member of the scientific committee of the “City, Housing, Real Estate” chair at Sciences Po.

2018-2023  Member of the Scientific Council of the CNRS Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities.

10/2021 President of the jury for Competitive examination of high-grade ingenior positions at CNRS, section in Social Sciences and Humanities

10/2020 Member of the jury for Competitive examination of high-grade ingenior positions at CNRS, section in Social Sciences and Humanities

2012-2016  Member of the CNRS National Committee (CoNRS) in two sections: Space and Society (39 section) and Research Management (CID 50).

2006-2010 Director of the CNRS regional office in North Asia,  based in Tokyo and representing CNRS in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Honors, Awards and Fellowships

07/2015 Designated among the 40 most prestigious alumnae of EHESS

06-09/2004:  Japan Foundation fellowship, visiting scholar at the university Waseda,,Tokyo (3 months).

1999-2000 Canon Foundation fellowship, visiting scholar at the  Department of Economy, Kyoto University (12 months).

04/ 1995:  Shibusawa-Claudel Prize for the book “The land bubble in Japan”

1991-1993: Japon Lavoisier fellowship, visiting scholar at the Tokyo Metropolitan University (18 months)