Varvara TOURA

Varvara TOURA

PhD student



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Research theme
Deindustrialization, sustainable cities, citizen engagement

Transversal subjects
Making the City: Processes, Actors, Practices

Géographie-cités • Campus Condorcet
5 cours des Humanités
93322 Aubervilliers cedex (France)

Architect engineer and urban planner by training, I worked as an architect-urban planner in France and Greece, my country of origin, before starting a thesis at EHESS in 2017. The objective of my thesis, conducted under the supervision of Marie-Vic Ozouf-Marignier, is to question the emergence of new territorial policies in deindustrialized cities in France within the framework of sustainable city programs and participatory public policies. We can observe that in this context the new territorial policies succeed in revitalizing the economic and social tissue of these cities. The thesis develops a comparative approach of two redevelopment projects for deindustrialized sites in France, Ile-de-Nantes and the Docks-de-Seine in Saint-Ouen, focusing on the case studies of two urban projects representative of participatory public policies, both located in central districts of deindustrialized cities. The aim of the research is to propose new urban planning models for deindustrialized cities, within the framework of sustainable development, by making the connection between the urban renewal programs within these cities and the question of the preservation of their industrial heritage.


2017-present Thesis Territoires Migrations Développement – EHESS/Géographie-Cités

2015 Master 2 – Urban and regional planning- Institut d’urbanisme de Paris

2014 Master 2 – Architecture- Aristotle university of Thessaloniki (Greece), School of engineering/ Department of architects engineers


Journal articles

TOURA V, 2020, “ From urban shrinkage to participatory development processes ” , Mondes sociaux (digital magazine of human and social sciences), 17 february 2020– infos en ligne

Book Chapter

TOURA V, 2021, “Emerging socio-economic inequities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The landscapes of the Parisian suburbs ”, in Borlini M. M. and Califano A. (eds.) URBAN CORPORIS UNEXPECTED, Anteferma editions, Conegliano, Italy, pp. 223-233.

Oral communications

Oral communications at an international conference

TOURA V, 2022 (scheduled), “ Preservation of industrial heritage and new approaches in urban planning. Examples of two urban renewal projects in France : the sustainable neighborhoods Ile-de-Nantes and Docks-de-Seine ”, conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage (TICCIH) initially scheduled for September 2021 and postponed to September 2022, Montreal.

TOURA V, 2021, “ Rethinking the cities’ transformations after  urban pandemics in previous centuries. A possible link with the post-Covid-19 era?  ”, congress of the European Sociological Association (ESA), September 2021, Barcelona (online event).

TOURA V, 2021, “ Rethinking creativity at neighborhood level in the post-industrial era. The case studies of two urban voids redevelopments in France : Ile-de-Nantes and Docks-de-Seine ”, international conference Grand Projects organized by Iscte/Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, February 2021, Lisbon (online event).

TOURA V, 2019, “ Deindustrialization and urban shrinkage. Achieving urban sustainability in former industrial cities in France : the case studies of Nantes and Saint-Ouen ”, annual congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), July 2019, Venice.

TOURA V, 2019, “ The French sustainable neighborhoods as city transformers ”, international conference Public Space+ organized by the Greek engineers association (TEE), March 2019, Thessaloniki.

Oral communications at a national conference (France)

TOURA V, 2020, “ From industrial city to sustainable city : the transformation of former industrial sites into sustainable neighborhoods. The case studies of Ile-de-Nantes and Docks-de-Seine ”, poster presented during the CILAC young researcher award, 24 January 2020, Paris.

TOURA V, 2019, “ From urban shrinkage to participatory planning processes. The case studies of two urban renewal projects in France : Ile-de-Nantes and Docks-de-Seine in Saint-Ouen ”, annual conference of the Association for Regional Science in French Language for doctoral research (Doctorales ASRDLF), February 2019, Grenoble.

TOURA V, 2018, “Deindustrialization and urban shrinkage. The interdependence of inter-municipal public policies and the local challenges in two urban renewal projects in France : Ile-de-Nantes and the Docks-de-Seine in Saint-Ouen ”, annual conference of the Association for Regional Science in French Language (ASRDLF), July 2018, Caen.

Honors, Awards and Fellowships

2020 Young researcher award from the Franco-Swedish Research Association (AFSR) in the category of doctoral students

2020 Finalist for the CILAC young researcher award in industrial heritage

2019 Winner of a grant from the Caisse des Dépôts Institute for Research