Photographe Projet immobilier connexe – Bagneux.

Dates: 2019 – 2022

Intralaboratory Program Leader: Juliette Maulat

Laboratory members involved in the program: Natacha Aveline, Jean-Baptiste Frétigny, Mathilde Pedro

Team involved: CRIA

Funding: Financement du Labex Dynamite (programme Sardyn)

Transversal subjects concerned: Mobilities and territories: towards a relational approach to space; Stabilities and fluidity of geographical objects; Urban fabrics: processes, actors, practices; Data and protocols in the digital humanities

Description: The Firminfra project studies the land and real estate activities of two transport operators (Paris Aéroport and Société du Grand Paris) and the role of these actors in urban production in Île-de-France. The research describes the progressive diversification and evolution of the land and real estate activities of the two operators, analyses the logic underlying these changes and explores the outcomes of their activities on urban transformations of Paris city-region.