How to rely on human and social sciences to shed light on current events, with which sources? What documentation should we rely on? What relationships should be established with the media? What will be the consequences for scientific practices?

Denis Eckert, member of Géographie-cités, will participate in the 2nd round table: “analyzing in the moment”, organized as part of the scientific and solidarity event dedicated to the war in Ukraine, Friday, April 15, from 9am to 1pm, at the Centre de colloques du Campus Condorcet (Aubervilliers).

With : Anna Colin Lebedev (political scientist, Institute of Social Sciences of Politics – ISP, University of Paris Nanterre), Françoise Daucé (sociologist, Center for the Study of Russian, Caucasian and Central European Worlds – CERCEC, EHESS), Laure Delcour (political scientist, Integration and Cooperation in the European Space – European Studies ICEE, University of Sorbonne Nouvelle), Denis Eckert (geographer, Geographie-cités, CNRS).
The debates will be moderated by Emmanuel Laurentin, producer of the program “Le Temps du débat” on France Culture.

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Russians and Ukrainians: “unequal brothers”? – On March 3, Denis Eckert presents a geo-history of the relationship between Ukrainians and Russians, commenting on the essay (2017) by the historian Andreas Kappeler.

See the 2nd roundtable discussion (1:24:50)