Carte du départ des convois de déportation de mars 1949 depuis l’Estonie, avec indiqués les voies de chemin de fer, le numéro des convois, le nombre de familles, d’hommes et de femmes dans chaque convoi. Moscou, Archives militaires nationales de Russie (RGVA), fonds 38058, inv. 1, d. 13, photo du 28 avril 2015

Dates: 2020 – 2021

Intralaboratory Program Leader: Denis Eckert

Laboratory members involved in the program: Denis Eckert, Sébastien Haule, Béatrice Von Hirschhausen

Team involved: PARIS

Partner Organisations: CERCEC (EHESS/CNRS)

Extralaboratory Program leader: Alain Blum (EHESS/INED)

Funding: EHESS

Transversal subjects concerned: Mobilities and territories: towards a relational approach to space; Stabilities and fluidity of geographical objects; Data and protocols in the digital humanities

Description: The project is working on a cartographic representation of deportation trajectories and “special colonies” where, during the time of the USSR, entire population groups (about 6 million people) were relegated. A feasibility study is being carried out here for three control territories with a view to a generalisable approach for the whole of the USSR.