Sylvestre Duroudier, Adèle Esposito, Hugues Pecout, Aurélien Ramos and Dejmila Zeneidi have joined the UMR Géographie-cités.

Sylvestre Duroudier is associate professor in geography at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, doctor of the University of Paris. His research focuses on the spatial forms and dynamics of inequalities, both in terms of urban segregation and daily mobility. His approach is rooted in theoretical and quantitative geography, notably around the notion of discontinuity: how can we study and understand the fragmentation of cities? How do segregated forms relate to daily mobilities and perceptions? His work also aims to shed light on metropolization by examining the category of medium-sized and intermediate cities in France and the United States. Sylvestre Duroudier approaches these questions using quantitative, geomatic, and spatial analysis methods, crossing census data with more diverse sources (GPS tracks, web data).

adele espositoAdèle Esposito Andujar‘s research focuses on contemporary cities in Southeast Asia. More specifically, she examines three levers of internationalization of the region’s secondary cities: heritage programs, development aid and foreign investment. Adèle Esposito has taught at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Leiden, at the Urban School of SciencesPo Paris and at the Doctoral School “Ville, Transports, Territoires” (VTT) of the Université Paris-Est. She has published the book “Urban Development in the Margins of a World Heritage Site. In the Shadows of Angkor” and co-edited the volume “Ideas of the City in Asian Settings”. She coordinates the research program “Cities of the New Silk Roads in Southeast Asia” (VinoRosa, 2020-2024) which has been funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) as well as the international research network “Creating and Mapping the Heritages of the Ordinary City in Southeast Asia” (CREMA) funded by the INSHS of the CNRS (with Nathalie Lancret, 2022-2026). With Michael Herzfeld, she directs the book series “Asian Heritages” published by Amsterdam University Press. With Jérôme Samuel, she organizes the winter school “Urban Theories Across Borders” (UTAB) for master’s and doctoral students interested in urban research.

Hugues PecoutHugues Pecout, an engineer in geographic information sciences at the CNRS, was previously an engineer at the Fédération de recherche des sciences du territoire (GIS-CIST), directed by Claude Grasland, professor at the Université Paris Cité and member of Géographie-Cités.

Aurélien RamosAurélien Ramos is a lecturer at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and a landscape architect with a doctorate in urban planning. His work, which is situated at the intersection of human geography, urban studies and the field of landscape design, focuses on the production of public spaces through the prism of their design, construction and management processes. After several years of practice as a designer, his research work today questions the way in which ecological issues of cohabitation with the living world influence the modes of design and development of urban public spaces. In addition to professional design practices, he is particularly interested in the ordinary practices that shape public spaces, such as gardening, play, and maintenance and upkeep activities.

djemila zeneidiDjemila Zeneidi is director of research at the CNRS. Her work is devoted to the question of margins and women’s migrations, with a multidisciplinary, critical and feminist approach to social geography. They provide elements of understanding of social and spatial inequalities in geography.