Titre illustréOver the last 20 years, urbanization processes have undergone profound transformations under the growing influence of private actors, particularly in the financial sector. This has exposed the physical environment of various cities to global capital flows, which has generated an overall rise in real estate values on a global scale. This is often disconnected from the financial capacities of local actors – primarily households – which then increases the inequalities and vulnerabilities of societies regarding financial and environmental risks.
This book, directed by Natacha AVELINE – DUBACH, offers the keys to understanding these new dynamics of capital accumulation in the general built-up environment of cities by taking into account the diversity of their configurations, their intensity and their urban effects according to national contexts.

Beyond the cases involving the major Western countries, the initial centers of the financial industry and the theorizations on the urban, this book addresses the particular contexts of real estate production in four major regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and West Africa.


Part 1. Sectoral Reconfigurations of Property Markets and Urban (Re)Development.
1. The Financialized City and the Extraction of Urban Rent, Thierry Theurillat.
2. Real Estate Developers: Coordinating Actors in the Production of the City, Julie Pollard.
3. Housing, Ownership, Assets and Debt: Geographical Approaches, Renaud Le Goix.
4. Logistics Urbanization, Between Real Estate Financialization and the Rise of Logistics Urban Planning, Nicolas Raimbault and Adeline Heitz.
5. The City–Port Relationship in the Metropolitan Fabric, Jean Debrie.

Part 2. Regional Dynamics of Capital Accumulation in East Asian, Middle Eastern and West African Real Estate Markets.
6. Land Value Capture and Its Large-Scale Application in Northeast Asia, Natacha Aveline-Dubach.
7. The Dual Regionalization of Real Estate Financialization in Southeast Asia, Gabriel Fauveaud.
8. Real Estate in the Middle East: An Economy Shaped by Rents, Myriam Ababsa.
9. Building Cities in West Africa: Construction Boom and Capitalism, Armelle Choplin.

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The book is part of the Encyclopédie des Sciences published by ISTE/WILEY, in the “Geography and demography” field directed by Denise Pumain, under the theme “Socio-economic geography of the city factory.”

natacha avelineNatacha Aveline-Dubach is a research director at the CNRS in France, specializing in the political economy of urban production. Her research focuses on the political economy of real estate, particularly in North-East Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, China). Her recent research addresses the financialisation of real estate and land value capture mechanisms applied to railway infrastructure. She is also Lead PI of the French-Singaporean SPACE project which analyses the risk factors and sociospatial patterns of infectious diseases (dengue and COVID 19) in Singapore’s urban environment. This project is co-led by Shirley Ho at NTU and funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation under the Create Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise.

Natacha Aveline-Dubach (Editor). Globalization and Dynamics of Urban Production. Wiley-ISTE, 2023, 272 p.