On 30 March 2023, Julie Vallée will be in Delft (Netherlands) to present her research at a lunch seminar organised by TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment

Everyday geographies, neighbourhood effects and urban segregationIn the neighbourhood effects literature there is an emerging concern about people’s daily mobility and their everyday exposures beyond their neighbourhood of residence. However, it remains a surprising discrepancy between the high interest in places people visit throughout the day (i.e. their activity spaces) and the low interest in hourly variations of neighbourhood’s social composition resulting from people’s daily mobility. Similarly, hourly variations in the neighbourhoods’ social mix remain a blind spot in the literature about urban segregation and area-based interventions, which are primarily studied from residential locations only. Hourly rhythms constitute an important timescale not only for people but also for neighbourhoods and cities. In line with this idea, my recent work focuses on the “daycourse of places” and its relevance for understanding neighbourhood effects, urban segregation, and spatial patterns of social inequalities. This daycourse perspective is the common thread of the empirical studies I intend to present and discuss in this lunchtime talk. These empirical studies are part of the Mobiliscope project, an interactive geovisualisation platform giving open access to hourly variations in neighbourhood’s social composition (notably according to gender, age or educational groups) during a typical weekday within 58 city regions across 5 countries.

More information: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/events/2023/bk/lecture-everyday-geographies-neighbourhood-effects-and-urban-segregation