Ph.D. Student



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Research themes

refuge-cities • exile policies • temporary urbanism • public spaces and social relations • urban public action

Thesis provisional title : “The refuge city through the lens of temporary urbanism: analysis of a political initiative to open up public buildings to exiled populations in Paris”, under the supervision of Camille Schmoll

fillette entre deux immeubles s'embrassant


2021 – 2025 PhD in Urban Sociology – Training Territories, Migrations, Development (UMR 8504 – EHESS)

2019 – 2021 Master’s degree in Political Studies – EHESS

Dissertation topic : ‘The Halte humanitaire of Paris Centre: the challenges of a policy of hospitality towards exiles on an urban scale”

Professional activities

2022 – 2025 Employee – doctoral fellow under a CIFRE contract at the City of Paris – Housing and Habitat Department – Building Administration Service (SADI)

  • Sharing of data and reports related to the thesis work.
  • Fieldwork: interviews, participant observations, organisation of visits to reception and accommodation centres.
  • Piloting of a census project through the creation of an interactive cartography of temporary accommodation centres belonging to the City of Paris.

2020 Research assistant – Institut d’Administration des entreprises (Institute of Business Administration)

  • Conducting, transcribing, coding and analysing interviews – study on the “Hémisphère” emergency accommodation project (Adoma).
  • Conducting literature reviews on topics combining management and social psychology.
  • Collection of information for the Response2Covid19 database.

Participation in research projects

2022 : Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia – National University of Singapore

Cities in Europe and Asia have become the focal points of changing migration patterns. This context has challenged pre-existing models of management of urban diversity. In parallel, the rise of nationalist rhetoric feed the implementation of a number of exclusionary measures. This comparative projects contemplates the city as a key site to on emerging models of diversity governance.

2022 : VILMOUV – Mobilities and socio-spatial recompositions in the Central Mediterranean urban spaces – Ecole française de Rome

This project proposes an investigation of the link between mobility and urban transformations in the Central Mediterranean (Italy, Malta, Tunisia), in a context of major political and socio-economic changes. It relies on a multidisciplinary and international team of specialists in the city, mobility and migration, at the intersection of urban studies and studies on mobility.

2019-2020 : Collective investigation of the Ouvroir des sciences sociales potentielles (Ouscipo – EHESS)

Research title : ” Social work at the Cinq Toits, between centrality and marginality”. This sociological survey work focused on the form of the third place and the dynamics and issues of social work within the Aurore association on the emergency accommodation site “Cinq Toits” (16th arrondissement of Paris).


Presentation at an international conference

Réville L., 2022, “Organising the Reception of Exiles in the Centre of Paris: Between Visible Solidarity, Temporary Arrangements, and Discretionary Policies”, Conference Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia, 11/05, Singapore (virtual event) informations online

Communications in national conferences and study workshops

Réville L., 2022, “Confronting the time of writing with the context of emergency reception: a return to the field”, Ouscipo study workshop La recherche hors les murs, 15/06 – Member of the organising comittee

Réville L., 2022, “Definitions and socio-political uses of space: the Halte humanitaire of Paris Centre, welcoming, fitting out, adapting”, doctoral workshop La ville en partage, 04/07

Communication in the context of professional activities

Réville L., 2022, “Doing a CIFRE thesis in a Paris City Hall department : presentation and issues of the research project”, SADI internal monthly webinar, 20/05