EHESS spring talks 2022Monday, The 28th of March (15:00-17:00, Paris time)
Camille Schmoll (EHESS/Géographie-cités), Aurélie Varrel (CEIAS/CNRS) and Hélène Thiollet (CNRS/CERI), “Migrants and the city. A comparative perspective
Moderated by Beatriz Fernandez (EHESS/Géographie-cités)

Session in English

“This presentation draws on the research conducted in the framework of the EHESS seminar on ‘Urbanity, circulation and mobility in contemporary world cities’.
International migration and urbanization have witnessed the most drastic/dramatic changes in the last decades. City growth and urban change are tightly connected to internal and international migration as well as changing patterns of mobilities at various scales. In this presentation, we explore the Migration-City nexus through three different aspects: the concentration of migrants in cities and their role as crucial actors of urban change; urban life and everyday cosmopolitan sociability in world cities across contexts and time; the development of local governance of international migration in contemporary cities. Drawing on cities located in the Global South and the Global North, we use ‘comparative urbanism’ (Robinson) both as a methodological tool and a theoretical project to investigate”.

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EHESS organizes the second edition its “Spring Talks”, that will be held from 24 March to 22 April 2022. The event consists of daily sessions accessible online and it aims at promoting EHESS’s highly original, interdisciplinary, research-based style of pedagogy and training.

Along those four weeks, EHESS will hold some twenty online events to nearly that will enable an international audience to directly engage with more than forty of its professors, from all backgrounds, both geographic and disciplinary. This year, EHESS will also set up round-tables dedicated to the presentation of books and journals supervised by its publishing house.

These online talks, intended for international students and scholars, are to be repeated every year. And each year, the event will broach new topics and new approaches in order to progressively encompass the wealth of seminars taught at EHESS, whereby offering insights into its unique inter-disciplinary dimension.

The twenty talks will offer space for EHESS researchers to engage in one-hour live discussions with a moderator on the topic of their research seminar, in English or in French. For this new edition, the speakers will also be able to present their books or the scientific journals they supervise. The format of the talks envisages some discussion time to which the audience online will be warmly invited to participate.

All sessions will be held at 3:00 pm (Paris time) and will later be made available on the EHESS YouTube channel.

The procedure explaining how to join the live sessions will be notified to the participants upon registration.

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