Interactive map of scientific cooperation between cities proposed by the NETSCITY platform.

Dates: 2019 – 2021

Intralaboratory Program Leader: Marion Maisonobe

Laboratory members involved in the program: Denis Eckert, Françoise Bahoken

Team involved: PARIS

Partner Organisations: UMR IRIT, Université de Toulouse ; UMR LISST, Université de Toulouse ; STIS, Université d’Edimbourg

Extralaboratory Program leaders: Laurent Jégou, Guillaume Cabanac

Funding: FMSH

Transversal subjects concerned: Data and protocols in the digital humanities


Description: This project aims to develop a platform for geospatial exploration of science data. The objective is to make available through an open access platform different options for processing and visualizing spatialized networks of contemporary science.

Contemporary science networks have a global extent and can be apprehended through the traces of research (publications, participation in symposia or projects).

The improvement of geocoding capacities for spatialized data allows the precise location of large volumes of data. This mass of information requires methodological choices to optimise its visual and statistical exploration in order to extract knowledge from it.

With this in mind, we are working on the development of a free and open source platform for the spatial processing of relational traces of scientific activity called NETCITY. It allows its users to incorporate relational information from different sources, to analyse it spatially at different scalar levels (countries, cities, continents) and to extract interactive, dynamic and complementary visualisations.

The project proposes a dialogue between researchers in science studies on the one hand, and researchers specialising in the processing and visualisation of spatial and relational information on the other hand.