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Cybergeo: European journal of geography, the first scientific journal in social sciences entirely electronic and open access, founded by Denise Pumain and edited by Géographie-cités, is among the first signatories of the European Action Plan for Diamond Publishing, at no cost to the reader or to the author, launched by Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, ANR Christine Kosmopoulos, member of Géographie-cités, participated in the drafting of this Plan for the development of a sustainable open publishing ecosystem on the occasion of the European Open Science Days in February 2022.

The Diamond Open Access Action Plan aims to support and deploy a fair and sustainable open access publishing model that can be controlled by the scientific community. The aim is to bring together, at the international level, the different actors within the same community by providing them with tools to strengthen the current diamond open access journals and platforms and to increase their visibility.
The action plan thus aims to harmonise and develop common resources for the benefit of the diamond open access publishing ecosystem, including journals and platforms, while respecting and guaranteeing the cultural, linguistic and disciplinary diversity that constitutes the strength of this sector.

Building on the recommendations of the Open Access Diamond Journals Study, the action plan focuses on four priorities

  • efficiency
  • quality
  • operational capacity building
  • Sustainability

Marc Schiltz, President of Science Europe, said: “Supporting the Diamond Action Plan is a sign of commitment to work collectively to build a fair, sustainable and community-controlled model for scientific publishing. The action plan provides a set of priorities to support and deploy this model.

Over 40 international institutions have already expressed their support: https://scieur.org/diamond-actionplan.

Institutions wishing to support the action plan and join the diamond community can do so at https://scieur.org/diamond-endorsement.

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The diamond open access model

Diamond open access refers to a model of scientific publishing in which journals and platforms are available free of charge to authors and readers. Diamond open access journals worldwide (in 2021), estimated to number between 17,000 and 29,000, are an essential part of scientific communication. They publish 9% of the total volume of articles, of which 45% are open access publications. However, Diamond Open Access faces several challenges related to the operational capacity, management, visibility and sustainability of journals and platforms.

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