Capture de l’interface de visualisation conçue et développée par Robin Cura dans le cadre du projet RECORDS.

Dates: 2020 – 2024

Intralaboratory Program Leader: Thomas Louail

Laboratory members involved in the program: Laurent Beauguitte, Hadrien Commenges, Robin Cura, Marion Maisonobe, Kristina Matrosova

Team involved: PARIS

Partner Organisations: Observatoire sociologique du Changement (Sciences Po/CNRS) ; Centre Marc Bloch (Hümbolt Uni./CNRS) ; Orange R&D ; deezer

Extralaboratory Program leaders: Philippe Coulangeon (OSC), Camille Roth (CMB), Jean-Samuel Beuscart (Orange), Manuel Moussallam (deezer)

Funding: ANR

Transversal subjects concerned: Data and protocols in the digital humanities


Description: Through this project we aim to better understand the diversity of individuals musical taste, listening practices and effective music consumptions on streaming platforms. We develop indicators measuring the effects of recommendation (human and machine) on the listening history of users. To fulfill these objectives we combine traditional survey methods with big data analysis. The program is based upon a partnership between social scientists, computer scientists and one of the major music streaming platforms in France.