espaces publics urbains

Urban public spaces have changed a lot over the last decades. Places, developments, uses and regulations have diversified considerably, which makes them more complex to understand. With political, social and environmental issues at stake, urban public spaces are now at the heart of both public and academic debate.

This book takes a step aside from dominant theories, focusing on the places and spatialities of collective life in cities. It brings together authors from different disciplinary and professional backgrounds. Their academic papers and practical feedbacks point to a variety of questions, fields and methods.

The book renews the ways in which urban public spaces are defined, investigated and analysed. In doing so, it contributes more broadly to better understand social and urban changes.

Urban Public Spaces: Thinking, Investigating, Making. Edited by Antoine Fleury and France Guerin-Pace, Presse universitaires François Rabelais, 2022, 390 p. Order the book (in French) on the publisher’s website.