Geographic imagery in modern and contemporary times (16th – 21st centuries)

Postgraduate seminar

Jean-Marc Besse, director of research at the CNRS and member of the Géographie-cités laboratory, has been invited to the Franco-Argentine Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Buenos Aires, for this 3rd cycle seminar to be held from

September 25 to 29, 2023
6 pm to 9 pm
19, University of Economic Sciences UBA
2122 Córdoba Avenue

The philosopher and landscape historian will propose five lessons in which he explores the figures of the Earth in geographical knowledge since the 16th century:

– Monday, September 25 – The Earth as horizon and challenge for contemporary thought
– Tuesday, September 26 – The formation of the notion of a universal Earth
– Wednesday, September 27 – Is the Earth a globe?
– Thursday, September 28 – Subterranean earths
– Friday, September 29 – Celestial lands

Geography uses powerful imaginaries, whose structuring impact on the construction of knowledge and representations needs to be clarified and analyzed. I use the term “metaphor” in this respect, emphasizing above all the cognitive scope of metaphorical operations, which enable us to see the Earth (and think about it) in one way or another“.


Download the program “Geographic imagery in modern and contemporary times (16th – 21st centuries)” (in Spanish)