As part of the 2nd edition of the EHESS Spring Talks, from 24 March to 22 April 2022, Camille Schmoll (UMR Géographie-cités/EHESS), Aurélie Varrel (CEIAS/CNRS), Hélène Thiollet (CNRS/Ceri) and Beatriz Fernandez (discussant, UMR Géographie-cités/EHESS), will take part in a virtual round table on the theme of: “Migrants and the city. A comparative perspective”.

This presentation draws on the research conducted in the framework of the EHESS seminar on ‘Urbanity, circulation and mobility in contemporary world cities’. International migration and urbanization have witnessed the most drastic/dramatic changes in the last decades. City growth and urban change are tightly connected to internal and international migration as well as changing patterns of mobilities at various scales.

In this presentation, we explore the Migration-City nexus through three different aspects: the concentration of migrants in cities and their role as crucial actors of urban change; urban life and everyday cosmopolitan sociability in world cities across contexts and time; the development of local governance of international migration in contemporary cities. Drawing on cities located in the Global South and the Global North, we use ‘comparative urbanism’ (Robinson) both as a methodological tool and a theoretical project to investigate.