le géographe canadien couvertureWhen Migrants Produce the City, a winter issue of the Canadian Geographer coordinated by D.Bélanger, N.Cattan, member of Géographie-cités, D.Coletto and J-B.Frétigny

At the crossroads of urban studies and migration studies, this thematic issue, which brings together 14 authors, aims to better understand how migrants negotiate their presence in the city and participate in the urban fabric, not without challenges in particularly trying situations. This collection of articles mobilizes research on the spatial and social relations between migrants and other actors in public spaces in the world’s metropolises and other cities to highlight the multiple ways in which the official urban order is also challenged and subverted in everyday life. Through the examples of Paris, Lima, Izmir (Turkey), Mexico City and Tijuana, this issue explores migrants’ capacity for action and their contribution to urban life.

Danièle Bélanger, Nadine Cattan, Diego Coletto, Jean-Baptiste Frétigny. Introduction to the special section: When Migrants Produce the City: Daily Negotiations of Urban Space. in The Canadian Geographer, Vol. 65, Issue 4, Wiley Online Library, 2021, pages: 394-396.