atelier données de la science ouverteWith the second national plan for open science (2022-2024), the opening of research data becomes a major issue and in particular the Data Management Plan (DMP). This is a living document that helps you think about how you organize your data, records and other supporting documents during and after the project. This DMP is required by most research funding agencies. It is not yet mandatory for doctoral students, but it is expected to become so.
For more precision, “research data” means all raw or reprocessed data in all their formats, texts, images, sounds, software, algorithms, statistics, datasets etc. that you have produced and that you use as sources for your research.
In order to accompany you in these evolutions, a first workshop on “Open science and the stakes for your thesis work” is scheduled in visio for Tuesday, December 21st from 2 to 4 pm.


What is open science?
Data Management Plan (DMP)
Data life cycle and different processing stages
Warehouses, formats, rights, standards, licenses, identifiers etc.
Support services at Condorcet, at the University of Paris and online.

Christine Kosmopoulos
CNRS Research Engineer – Open Science
OS referent at the University of Paris for the UMR