The transversality “Mobilities and Territories” of the UMR Géographie-cités and the GT “Mobility” of the LabEx DynamiTe invite Danièle Bélanger, Professor at the Université Laval in Québec, to present her film entitled “Solidarity beyond the longest border”

Wednesday May 24, 2023
from 1pm to 3pm
Condorcet Campus
Auditorium of the Humathèque

Eric Denis, director of research at the CNRS, director of the Géographie-cités laboratory, will be the discussant for this session.

picture from the movieSolidarity beyond the longest border: synopsis

This film takes us to Izmir, Turkey, to meet a local community in a country faced with the arrival of nearly four million Syrians fleeing the war since 2011. Capturing the social mutations at work, the film presents the condition of Turkish and Syrian workers, both comrades and rivals, the individual and civic mobilizations in aid of migrants and, in a more intimate way, the inner journeys of the members of this local community faced with the exiles. These testimonies of tension, but above all of solidarity, hope, discovery of the other and his acceptance reveal the deep social and political processes at work in Turkish society and bring out universal observations.

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Director: Eylem Sen
Writing: Danièle Bélanger and Eylem Sen
Assistant director: Erbil Sen
Editing: Eylem Sen, Sercan Bozdogan, Kubilay Aksun
Sound editing: Mural Elgun
A production of the Canada Research Chair in Global Migration Dynamics with funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Currently available in Turkish with French subtitles.
2019, 33 min.

Mobilities and territories: towards a relational approach to space

Led by Nadine Cattan, Sylvie Fol and Camille Schmoll, this transversality invests the paradigm of the ‘Mobility turn’ which considers mobility as a sign of a softening, even a questioning, of the relations traditionally maintained with territories and places in the making of individual and collective identities, in the structuring of social inequalities, in the construction of economic exchanges and in the understanding of the processes of globalization and metropolization. The aim is to examine the way in which mobilities structure and shape territories and, conversely, how territories construct mobilities.

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